Why you should not Auto Post your Products to Social Media

In our previous post, we touched upon the importance of having an active social media presence for your business. Now we will answer why it is essential that a thinking, creative human being does it instead of an auto-posting service that copy-pastes your existing titles and descriptions.

This idea of convenience and automation makes many store owners want to auto-post their product descriptions directly to their social media channels. While doing so is a novel idea, it comes with its own baggage.

Most store owners fall into three categories- 

1) Ones with no Social Media strategy or presence.

2) Those who automate their posting using Buffer, Hootsuite, or Post studio app for Shopify.

3) Those who are writing their own social media posts with the help of an in-house team.

If you fall under the first category, then as explained in our previous post, you need to be on social media. Read our last blog post explaining why here

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If you are using Buffer, Hootsuite or Post studio from Shopify to Auto Post:

Then we have news for you too! Most of these platforms do help you automate your content, by helping you schedule and post, but don't write that post for you. They don't give you fresh content, but merely help you automate the process of posting already produced content.  

The importance of Fresh content:

In this case, the burden of creating that content that's optimized for social media consumption still lies on your shoulders, and remember- you can't merely recycle the text from your product descriptions for the social media post! That is because writing descriptions is different from writing social media posts, even for the same product, and you need a separate post altogether. 

Your social media post, as opposed to your product description on the website, needs to sound more exciting, trendsetting, persuasive, have its share of hashtags and keywords that can draw in your target audience.

It is this effort that you can not avoid or escape by using automated social media posting tools. However, if you do find a service that automates writing your social media content for you, through an AI assistant, then you are again in trouble because authenticity is paramount while building your brand and community online. 

 Get fresh social content written daily


Why AI is not reliable for Writing Fresh Content:

There are skills like complex calculations, mathematical problem solving that AI can replicate. However, there are still things that it can not, which is human creativity, and the ability to think contextually. Many operations and tasks can be done efficiently and replicated by machines and AI, but not all of them. Writing descriptions and social media captions for your products is one of those tasks.

Algorithms can not gauge who the audience of your product is, what kind of language and tone the description and social media post must have in order to appeal to your market segment. There is a human element to writing descriptions that only a real, experienced writer can embody.

Your consumers are real humans, and humans can tell if other humans are talking to them versus bots. The intent, language, and tone of your messaging sets you apart from other brands, and it is doubtful if a bot will get it all right.

The existing platforms that do AI content writing use topical and trending themes as their content ideas, which is inorganic. What's topical today may not be tomorrow, and this approach is inauthentic, for it does not always reflect your brand's uniqueness.

Therefore, your content must be written by real humans.

If you are writing your own social media posts:

You may often struggle with vetting and hiring excellent writers, being regular enough to post the content that you curate every day, or just struggle with bad English/ making the right grammatical decisions. You also have to spend a considerable amount of your budget on paying salaries for these talented writers, that may or may not reap the desired results in your sales.

More so, even if you get your strategy and curation of content right, it can become monotonous to sit and make the post every single day. It can be so time-consuming that it can cut into your time meant for actually running the essential operations of your e-commerce business.

How Hotshp's Social Post Subscription helps Storeowners Master their Social Media Presence:

We at HotShp offer you a service that is at the intersection of solving all of the above problems-

  • We have real writers who write your social media posts, which is unique content written from scratch every time. No bots used at all.

  • We also give you the luxurious option of auto-posting these to all your social media accounts directly.

  • Our writers write in your style. Whether your brand is hip, professional, or something else, we customize our writing style to sound like you, and you do not have to vet them yourself, for we do that for you.

  • Importing the products from your store is also super easy. We do the hard work for you via your store's API with our Shopify, BigCommerce, and Etsy integrations. 

Of course, we are not urging you not to have an in-house content strategy. If you have a current schedule of social media posts for discounts or events, you can use us to supplement writing product social media posts. For example, if your current plan was to post once or twice a week, you can hire us to post for you daily or four times a week, while you continue to do your own posting. This will ensure that you are regular and are driving an optimum amount of traffic to your sites to improve your sales.

Make your life easier, sales higher, with our social media posting plan