Why Meta Descriptions for Collection Pages Matter


A meta description is a snippet that appears below a link on a search engine results page. Consider meta descriptions as a series of billboards that appear alongside a busy highway.


You want to make sure that your ‘billboards’ - your meta descriptions - stand out. Only a compelling copy can do that. A meta description is by far the most important factor influencing your customer’s click-through rate.

A good meta description attracts the attention of a customer. But a well-written meta description goes a step further. It invites them to click the link and visit the page.


Meta descriptions increase traffic


Several store owners underestimate the significance of meta descriptions for collection pages. They are just as important as meta descriptions for product pages.


Having collection pages with great meta descriptions greatly increases the chances of prospective customers visiting a collection page. It is important to make meta descriptions stand out among a swarm of links on a search engine results page.


Collection page meta descriptions

They must provide the customer with brief information about the collection. They should be clear, concise, and compel a browser to click through on the link.

A collection page meta description differs from product page meta descriptions in one major aspect. It should never come across as a sales pitch. The objective here is to grab the attention of a prospective customer.