Master your E-Commerce sales with UNIQUE PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS

The Life Stages of a Store Owner

Be Smart, Be Ahead: Choose Authenticity Early


The Start: Creating your store using a Platform like Shopify

You spend days thinking about starting your dream e-commerce business, the kind of products you want to curate, the design of your website, the market that you wish to cater to, etc. You finally end up designing it, take help from peers, mentors and decide to put up your store on Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, or the like. You are nervous and excited to sell your first few products and finally gather the courage to share your passion with the world.

And finally, you launch! The products are up; you have informed your friends and family. "It" should happen- you should be making a bomb in sales by now, because passion and hard work pay off, or so you are told.


The Confusion: You're not doing as well as you'd Imagined

The store is up, the products have been priced, and it's going fine, but sales could be better.                       

Weeks and months pass, and your sales have been stuck at a number.

You wonder why your products aren't reaching more people.

You read articles, consult mentors, join a meditation class, and finally reach an answer.

You find out that there is a catch. Yes, hard work does pay off, but working smart pays off more.

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The Answer: You need UNIQUE _______

You realize that the reason that your sales are not skyrocketing is that once your product came out of the factory, the factory wrote its description, which ten other stores are also using.

Yes, you got that right- at least ten other stores have the same products as you do, and they look identical on the web because they also have the same descriptions. This identical trait of descriptions across the internet is also known as duplicate content, which Google often penalizes.

Having duplicate content consistently can guarantee your site will be banned from the search engines.

And further, why would a customer buy from your store versus other stores?

For customers to be drawn to your products, your product descriptions have to be unique and eye-catching. They need to be creative, persuasive, problem-solving, and irresistible for your customer to make a purchase. 

The light bulb moment appears, and now you are all set to make sure that your product descriptions are unique. 

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A description we wrote for our client, IloveGiveaways


Get unique product descriptions written now!


The Challenge: lack of TIME to write these Unique Descriptions

Now that you start doing the task, you realize that you would have to spend a lot of time writing all of them because your store has so many products! You would have to personally put in the manual labor, or have one of your employees do it. In building this in-house team, you also struggle with vetting and hiring good writers or have a big enough budget to keep them employed at your company. 

Customers are looking for vibrant and detailed descriptions. That content can be challenging to write and often requires an experienced content team. This can put a costly and time-consuming strain on your business. 

The Solution: US! Use HotShp for your Store's Writing Needs

This is where we come into the picture. You can avoid doing the tedious task of writing these descriptions yourself or investing a significant sum in an in-house team.

Bring out the best of your products using our product description writing services.

  • We write the content based on best practices around product descriptions and SEO.
  • Our writers look at the product title, current description, images, category, and tags to write each description.
  • Each piece of content is unique and handwritten from scratch for your specified length.

How would you like your E-commerce store's journey to end? Do you want it to end on a triumphant note- with you making MUCH more in sales and achieving your highest potential as an entrepreneur, or do you want it to end on an ambiguous note where you don't know where you went wrong and why your products are not selling the way you imagined them to?

Be wise, be ahead, and have unique product descriptions from the beginning.

Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 3.10.57 PM.png

A description we wrote for our client, Faodailboutique


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