SEO for Ecommerce: Product Meta Description Writing

Meta Descriptions, Your SEO Superpower (made simple)

Meta descriptions are a must-have for anyone in the e-commerce industry who is looking to increase sales and sharpen their site’s SEO!


If you’ve used a search engine, you’ve read meta descriptions. These short bits of text underneath your shop’s title tag on the search results page are your first point of contact with customers and are vital for any store’s success.


Your customers are looking for rich and detailed meta descriptions of products while browsing the web. This content can be difficult to write and often requires an experienced content team. This can put a costly and time-consuming strain on your business.

The trial-and-error of writing your own meta descriptions can be time-consuming and can have an unpredictable effect on your store growth.





Introducing HotShp Meta Description Writing

Our expert writers work closely with the information you provide about your site, service, and products, to produce unique, from-scratch meta descriptions. Our goal is to make your site stand out from the sea of links and distractions on the typical search page. 

With a confined character limit, each word you choose in a meta description must be significant and purposeful in drawing customers into the store. We specialize in writing and uploading these descriptions for your site, giving you more time to do the things you truly enjoy.