Product Description Length - Word Count Matters

Understanding how much information will convert a visitor into a buyer is an important step in writing compelling product descriptions. Give the shopper too much or too little information and they’re likely to abandon the sale, moving on quickly.

Size of description matters. Which is why HotShp offers three description sizes to you. You can select any of the following sizes to suit your requirements.


30-35 Word Descriptions ($3/product)

A basic description size without any of the bells and whistles. It will have just a brief overview of the product and does not touch on all the features of the product due to the limited word count.





60-75 Word Descriptions ($6/product)


A step-up from the 30-35 word descriptions. More details about the product will be included. A couple of use cases will also be highlighted, provided there is still enough room to include them.






150-175 Word Descriptions ($15/product)


Our most popular description writing size. Our writers include all significant details about your products. The descriptions contain everything that a potential customer needs to know about a product.




250-275 Word Descriptions ($25/product)


Our top recommendation. The description will hit on all major points of the product such as an overview of the product and its use cases along with any additional details. Major USPs, wherever present, will also be highlighted. The more informed the customers are about a product, the more likely they are to make the purchase.