My First Year Writing For HotShp


Jasper Blossom - Staff Writer 2019-Present


Writing for HotShp has been one of the most satisfying positions in my professional career. No matter where I’m at in the world, I can write descriptions and find out about new products. It’s a fun and interesting job where you’re always seeing something new. I love working with the ideas clients bring to the table and crafting something special for each vendor.


Applying My Experiences



One of my favorite things about writing for HotShp is having the flexibility to write for vendors who sell products that I understand and have experience with. If there's a shop that sells something that's out of my area of expertise, I know one of the other writers on staff will be able to write descriptions that really suit their store. Being able to pick assignments this way allows me to write the best content that I can and really get creative with things.


My Favorite Kind Of Item Descriptions To Write


I love writing anything pet related. From chew toys to laser pointers, I get really into writing about it all. I'm passionate about animals and have always loved all of the variety in the toys available to them. Pet outfits are another thing that I really love. They're fun to write about and it's always a blast to see what people have come up with.

Social Media posts are also really fun. They're a little different in the sense that you can often be conversational. You're looking to get user engagement, and that kind of interaction really appeals to me.