Importing your products into HotShp using CSV Import

When getting started with Hotshp for your writing needs. Whether it be for descriptions, title or social media writing. You will need to get your products into the application first. We support various integrations with popular platforms to make this easy like Shopify, Etsy, and BigCommerce.

CSV Importer

If you are using other e-commerce platforms or have products in another system and want to bulk import products, you can do that via our CSV Importer. 

Export from your current platform

You will need to export your data from your current system like Wix, Squarespace or square. They all support CSV exports from their platforms. 

Go to the CSV importer page inside the app by clicking "Import Products" on the product page or going directly  at

Format your data if needed

The first row of the CSV file is expected to be the header row. The column names we support for each field are listed there and in the image below. If your data export has the columns named differently, you must change them to match our expected headers.

Upload your CSV 

Upload the CSV file you have prepared for your import and click import. Your product data should be available in a few minutes to use.




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