Importance of Social Media Posting For your E-commerce store

The process of getting more sales, although more decentralized than ever before because of social media, has also made it magnanimously more competitive. Because everybody has access to social media, and most media operations are free, brands have to be as creative and consistent as they can be to capitalize on the online sales funnel and outdo their competitors in reaching their customers.

We are sorry to say this, but it is a cold hard truth that if you are not on social media, you can not reach more customers and make more sales. You have to communicate with your customers, show them who you are over a period of time in order to build a brand image, especially if you want them to rely on your brand, trust it and recommend it to others. 



Why maintain a consistent social media presence:


1. Reaching the right audience: 

Being on social media helps you reach your market segment for whom your products are being catered to. Social media platforms have tools and algorithms that can help you reach the right target audience for your product. For example, if you’re selling vegan products, the highly specified audience options on FB and Instagram help you reach the right audience, like one that is into organic and plant-based items.

2. The importance of identification: 

Customers buy from you when they see a part of themselves in you- when they see you speak their language, their causes, their aesthetic, and they can’t identify with you unless they see you in spaces where they spend most of their time, i.e- social media! So you have to make sure that you speak their language while selling them your product.

3. Quality and relevance: 

Your posts must have keywords listed in them to gain maximum SEO, depending on the kind of product that you’re selling and how your brand is different from other brands. Since our writers are real people, and not bots, it makes a huge difference to the kind of content that goes out on your channels and hence the kind of audiences that you attract. The more creative and quirky the content, the more your audience is attracted to your product. 

4. Consistency and Building a relationship: 

You can’t build a relationship with a customer if you are not where they constantly are- scrolling. Thankfully, we have options that allow you to post several times a week or every day. Check out our $99 daily posting plan here!

5. Trendsetting:

Regardless of whichever item you are selling- clothes, bags, watches- they need to look socially desirable. If you’re not on social media and haven’t built a following, people won’t feel as drawn to buying your products, for they won’t be able to flaunt them by tagging your brand page freely. On the other hand, if you have a well-maintained page, people will want to associate themselves with your brand and tag your pages as and when they can or tag their friends in the comment section of images of products that you are putting up. Let’s face it- we live in an influencer Instagram marketing era. Getting “shoutouts” will become easier and drive more sales! 


Why use HotShp:

At HotShp, we understand the need for E-commerce businesses to be consistent on social media and the difficulties that come with wanting to do the same.

It can get difficult to curate fresh content for social media every few days, and more so to make sure that it is posted regularly. 

Hiring and vetting copywriters specifically for this task can be another hassle, but luckily for you, our product helps you with just this. 

Aside from writing successful product descriptions, we also have skilled writers on our portfolio who can write creative, engaging, and appropriate posts for your product for your social media page regularly in the form of a very convenient subscription model. 


This is an example of a post that we recently made

This is an example of a post that we recently made for DogCrush Boutique. 


Do you want daily handwritten social posts for your products, written by experts, and published daily to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.?

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