Top E-Commerce Product Description Generators

Lack of product descriptions today is the Number 1 mistakes store owners make when it comes to SEO. There are solutions to get these written as quickly and as cost-effectively possible. 

Product description Generators have wildly varying features, whether its real writers writing the content versus AI bots, if you have to manually copy-paste the descriptions to your store, or if there are integrations.

Here is a list of Description Generation Tools meant specifically for E-Commerce stores, with their Pros and Cons listed!


Top E-Commerce Product Descriptions Generators


1. Item Scribe:


Screenshot 2020-07-16 at 7.28.37 PM.png



  • Free 3-day trial.
  • You can use their creative tool to write your own customized description.


  • Manually copy-paste descriptions to the website.
  • Categories of products are more specific and if your produce lies outside of their categories, you'll have to suggest it.
  • No real writers.


2. HotShp:

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  • Written by professional writers,
  • Can write for all categories of products.
  • No need to manually copy and paste descriptions to your store. Has integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce. Easy import and export from your store through API. You can choose the descriptions to be auto-updated or you can save them one at a time.
  • Also allows Bulk product writing, you can optionally sync all the product data from your store, including images, tags, and categories. You can just filter and select 100s of products easily for description creation.
  • Also does Title Writing and Social Media Writing. 


  • A bit expensive compared to the others as real writers are involved.

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3. Adzis:


 Screenshot 2020-07-16 at 7.35.57 PM.png



  • Many options- done for you vs do it yourself vs DIY for Shopify.
  • Very cheap. In DIY it's $60 for 100 products.


  • AI-powered, no real writers. 
  • Manually copy-paste descriptions to website.


4. Demanzo:


Screenshot 2020-07-16 at 7.38.23 PM.png


  • Uses Natural Language Processing Technology to determine the best SEO words,
  • Custom keywords for SEO are given importance.
  • Gives H1, Metadata Tag Suggestions.
  • Cheaper- $99 for 100 products.


  • Manually copy-paste descriptions to your store.
  • No real writers, AI-powered. Content can be a hit or a miss.up


HotShp is the only tool here where you have real writers writing your descriptions.

We do easy import and export from your store through API. You can choose the descriptions to be auto-updated or you can save them one at a time. 

It is the only one where you can submit any type of product and it can be written for- themes do not matter as we have writers who can write in all styles.

It is also the only one with an additional option of social media post writing subscription, something that is an integral part of SEO searches these days.

The other options are attractive if you believe in the power of AI-generated content. We at HotShp are confident that nothing can beat real writers. Read why in our article here

Order your unique product descriptions with HotShp NOW!