HotShp social publishing via SocialPilot, Hootsuite, Buffer, LinkedIn using Zapier

Connect HotShp and your social media management platform of choice. Zapier connects with 28 social media marketing apps as of this writing. Examples are- Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialPilot. Here is the complete list. When our expert writers write social posts, you can either publish manually or automatically publish your post on the schedule of your choosing. 

Create a Zap

To get started, you need to create a free Zapier account if you do not have one already. Once you do that, go to our invite URL -



Click Accept the invite and Build a Zap. On the next page, you will be taken to your home page and you will click the Make a New Zap button.

Connect HotShp

Find and select the HotShpAnnotation 2020-05-06 210648.png

Hit Continue on Step 1. Choose App & Event. Choose account. Click Sign in to HotShp

New window will open up. Enter your API Key. Your API Key can be found at

Enter it in the previous window.

Annotation 2020-05-04 130954.png


Continue to the next steps, you can try a test. It should pass if you have social posts, if you do not have any social posts in our system, it may fail. Do not worry about the test, continue to the next step.

Connect with your preferred social media service (SocialPilot or HootSuite or Buffer). This example uses Social Pilot.

Setup SocialPilot

Choose Event as "Add an Image Post to Queue". Continue.

Connect your social pilot account by entering your username and password. 

In Customize Image Post section. Select your Account Group and Account List (your social accounts you want to post to)

In Post - you need to choose 1.Message

Image Url - Please choose 1.Images.

Then after these settings, the selection should look as follows


Then click continue and Done Editing.

Turn the Zap ON from the top right corner

Once fully setup, you should try and publish something from HotShp. When you go back to a social post, you should see Zapier as a button. You can use that button to manually publish, it will also be used to publish automatically on your scheduled time.



Enjoy Posting!


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