The Importance of Daily Social Media Posts For Your E-Commerce Store

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are powerful tools for any e-commerce store. With more customers than ever using the internet to make purchases, it is essential to build familiarity, recognition, and rapport with them. Stores that actively post on their social media gain the benefits of real-time interactions with customers, word of mouth advertisement via shares, and coming off as authentic to users.


Brand Identity That Feels Like Friendship


The numbers in regard to social media are staggering. With over 70% of adults logging into their social pages daily, there are billions of potential customers at your fingertips. Showcasing your store in unique, genuine posts is one of the best ways to watch sales and traffic to your site increase. By posting every day on your store’s social media page, you will build a reputation for being an active, responsive, and engaging company.


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When a user sees a particularly attractive or interesting post, they’re likely to follow your page and share the post with their friends. Even getting a simple ‘like’ from a user drives the visibility of your post up and makes it more likely that they will interact with your store in the future. This creates a pattern of organic interaction that feels natural to users. By incorporating your posts into their newsfeed, your store begins to feel more like a friend than a business. 


Get Inside Info Straight From The Source


Beyond ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, your store’s social media posts will generate comments, an invaluable asset for businesses looking to satisfy their customers and keep them coming back. The questions and feedback that you’ll receive in comments on your posts will give you an inside look into the minds of your customers. You’ll have more in-depth knowledge of what trends and styles really resonate with your audience and will be able to have personal interactions with them when answering questions. These interactions give your store the opportunity to establish itself as being committed to the customers. 


When establishing your store’s identity on social media, diversity is key. When users are exposed to posts that lack variety, they lose interest quickly. It takes time to develop a consistent tone and to create posts that remain unique while attracting customer interest. Using the right keywords and relating to the customer in your posts can truly transform your business.

Time Saved Is Money Earned!


At HotShp, we recognize the value of your time and the incredible potential that social media posts provide to online businesses. Our Social Media Subscription Service has been designed to save you time and give you peace of mind knowing that your socials are covered. 


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