3 Things That Make Collection Page Descriptions Great


A collection page is a group of products that are displayed on a single page. It includes specific products with one or multiple common attributes or features.

For instance: dinnerware, bathroom fixtures, art decor, women’s apparel, Black Friday sales, fashion accessories, etc. A collection page makes it easier for customers to find products by category.

A good collection page description provides the customer with succinct information about the products in the collection. The focus here isn’t on a single brand or a product but on the range of products as a whole.

Elements of a good collection page description:

  1. Clear delivery of one or more common characteristics among the products.
  2. Punchy phrases that invoke positive emotions.  For instance: an exciting range of sportswear, a selection of scrumptious coffee flavors, and an enthralling series of new artworks.
  3. Right adjectives for the right words. For instance: delectable jewelry, exquisite dresses, elegant handbags, and dainty design.