Product description writing

Get product descriptions customized for each of your products to catch the attention of your customers.

Hand written unique descriptions

We write the content based on best practices around product descriptions and SEO. Our writers look at the product title, current description, images, category and tags to write each description. Each piece of content is unique and handwritten from scratch.

Bulk product writing

We optionally sync all the product data from your store, including images, tags and categories. You can just filter and select 100s of products easily for description creation. You can also manually enter the product data if you prefer not to sync your store.

Easy import and export from your store

We make updating the product descriptions in your store super easy by doing the hard work for you via your store's API. You can choose the descriptions to be auto updated or you can save them one at a time. No copy pasting ever.

Competitive pricing

At $3 per description, it's one of the most cost effective services out there. Whether you have one or 100s of products, this service is great for you!

Save time

Customers are looking for rich and detailed descriptions. That content can be difficult to write and often requires an experienced content team. This can put a costly and time-consuming strain on your business. Save time and money by quickly populating your store catalog. No need to hire in house or external content writers.

Store integrations

Integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce and Etsy. Import your product data so you can get descriptions written with a few clicks. For other stores, upload your product data for content creation manually, or csv import or using our api.

Avoid critical product description mistakes

Do not make the same mistakes as thousands of other stores out there.

Lack of product description

This is the No.1 common SEO mistake shops make. SEO mistakes

Using Product Descriptions from Manufacturers

The rule here is: always create unique content. Not following this can guarantee your site will be banned from the search engines due to duplicate content.


Non-unique descriptions

Do not have the same description for your products. The best product description is unique and different from all of the other products you are selling. Google especially does not like duplicate content when it comes to ranking in search.

What our users say

We have written product descriptions for 1000s of e-commerce stores.

"I am not good at writing descriptions, there, I admit it. Thank goodness I found HotShp, They have taken the stress of writing these off of me. I highly recommend giving them a try."
Delab Creations
"Very impressed with the service. Cost is great for a startup like mine, speed is fantastic but the support is what seals the deal."
Coffee & Phone
"I am very meticulous about my product descriptions and always want them to be unique, creative and SEO friendly. Simple setup, took only a couple of minutes."


  • Description writing
  • $3 (30-35 words per product)
  • $6 (60-75 words per product)
  • $15 (150-175 words per product)
  • Professional writers
  • Unique SEO Friendly
  • Handwritten
  • Signup
  • Title writing
  • $3 per product
  • Professional writers
  • Unique SEO Friendly
  • Handwritten
  • Signup

How it works

We have designed our system to easily submit tasks, so there is no friction in getting your content written.


Once you sign up, you can choose to sync your store catalog and product data. Or you can manually enter the product data (title, images and url) if you prefer.


Using our robust filtering interface, you can filter your products by tag, creation date, category or product name. After selecting the products you want the descriptions written for, your order is submitted.


Each product information is sent to our writers for content creation. They look at the images, tags and title of each product, then handwrite each piece of content using best practices guidelines for product descriptions.

Update your store

Once your descriptions are written, they can either be automatically sync'ed to your store, or you can manually review each one and save them with one click.


Our writers write the content based on best practices around product descriptions and SEO. They look at the product title, current description, images, category and tags to write each description. Each piece of content is unique and handwritten from scratch.
We currently write only in English. Please do not submit other language requests.
No. Our writers have experience writing in all kinds of industries. We strive to create the best possible content for each of our client's individual needs.
The content writing tasks are sent to the writers and they get started writing product descriptions for each product. Once they are all done, we notify you via email and you can import those descriptions back to your store.
We try to be as quick as possible, most of the tasks are completed within a couple hours. At the latest, it could take upto 3 days for descriptions to be completed.
Yes, every piece of content is hand written from scratch for your product and store.
You have a choice of small (30-35 words), medium (50-70 words) or large (150-175 words) description. You can select the size you prefer at checkout.
You will have to submit two different orders, for description and title writing. We do that as many of our customers want description for some of their products and titles for the others.
No. The description will be SEO-friendly. We will describe the core benefits and features along with practical uses of your product. There will be no keyword stuffing or research done. If you would like specific keywords added, you can always tell us in the optional instructions.
We do offer revisions in case of a description not meeting the standards of minimum length or accurate content. Revision has to be requested within 5 days of writing. We do not offer refunds as our writers spend time on each and every piece of content and we want to fairly compensate them for their time. It is like paying a freelance writer. We highly recommend submitting 2-3 products for description writing to ensure our service meets your needs before sending a large batch of products for writing.



Get product descriptions written by using our api to upload the products and submit orders for writing. Let us know what you are building to request access.

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